Psalm 17- Keep Me As The Apple Of Your Eye

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

The phrase is from the Bible, in which it appears in four books of The Old Testament: Deuteronomy, Psalms, Proverbs and Lamentations.

On certain days, we wonder if God is paying attention to us. Everything from minor irritants to life-altering crises makes us feel targeted and persecuted, and we may even feel forgotten and disregarded in our hearts. We wonder if God is paying attention to what is going on. Is He able to see me?

David, who had been selected by God to be king, experienced this feeling on a number of occasions while being chased and persecuted by Saul. Despite this, he never questioned God's description of him as "the apple of his eye." David firmly felt that God could see him, care for him, and protect him.

What Does Keep Me As The Apple Of Your Eye Mean?

The expression "apple of one's eye" refers to the pupil of the eye, not the pupil of the eyeball. It was once believed that the pupil was a spherical, solid item similar to an apple, which was the case in ancient times. Because the pupil is necessary for seeing, it was seen as something extremely valuable by the ancients. As a result, when you refer to someone as the "apple of your eye," you are expressing your appreciation for them.

What Does It Mean To Be The Apple Of God's Eye?

As a result, the exhortation in Proverbs 7:2 is to keep godly knowledge in high esteem as the priceless commodity that it is regarded as. Psalm 17:8 asks God to keep watch over us as He would over the pupil of His own eye, and this is exactly what He does. God's care for His people is described in Deuteronomy 32:10, which highlights the fragility of the Israelites and God's sensitive, loving concern for His people. God offered unwavering protection, and His people were given top attention. God gave them with food to eat, water from a rock, and protection from their attackers while they were in the "howling wilderness." His precautions were as instinctive as if He were protecting the center of His eye against injury on a daily basis. What a kind and forgiving God we serve.

God regarded the Israelites as the apple of His eye, despite the fact that they were rebellious and stiff-necked while in the desert. They were the most treasured because they were the apple of His eye. And God's concern for His people has not waned over the course of history. He protects His children, and He can shield us from harm with the same ease with which our eyelids shield our eyeballs from harm. He does this out of love for those of us who are in Christ. In His love for us, He takes on a paternal and protecting role, and the biblical accounts of His love are mind-blowing, to say the least.

Psalm 17: Keep Me As The Apple Of Your Eye

Capo to 3rd fret

A Em D/F#

O Keep me as the apple of Your eye

G A Asus A

Hide me in the shadow of Your wings

A Em D/F#

Keep me as the apple of Your eye


Hide me in the shadow of Your wings

A Fadd2/A A

Hear a just cause, O Lord

G D/F# Asus A

Attend unto my cry

A Fadd2/A A

Turn Your ear to my prayer

G D/F# Asus A

From lips free of deceit

C D2add4 A

O let my judgment come from You

C D2add4 Esus E

You who discern what is right Search my heart in the night And find in me no wrong By Your Word I avoid The ways of violent men My steps have held firm to Your paths See how my feet have not slipped


I will call upon You O God, You’ll answer me Turn Your ear to my words And show me Your steadfast love O Savior of the ones who seek Salvation at Your right hand Deadly foes now surround With hearts closed against me Their mouths speaking with pride Their eyes set to cast down Eager to tear me like a lion Like a young lion on the prowl Rise, O Lord, and confront And save me by Your sword From the men of this world Whose portion is in this life Their bellies filled up with treasure Leaving their wealth to their sons


(Bridge repeated 4 times)


As for me I shall see Your face


Your likeness when I awake