Technical Layout For The Tabernacle Of Moses

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Here is the technical model of the Tabernacle, which follows the "letter of the Law", so to speak, found in the book of Exodus. It serves as the basis for my three "Messianic Images", which are admittedly more artistically driven than they are technical.

Here is the Tabernacle technical, which follows the "letter of the Law", so to speak, found in the book of Exodus. It serves as the basis for my three "Messianic Images", which are admittedly more artistically driven than they are technical. For instance, the first image (which depicts the rib cage of Christ) doesn't show the boards on the South, as they would obstruct the view of the interior that they wanted to show. This technical layout is meant to "bridge the gaps" between symbolic art, Biblical scholarship, and sound reason.

Since Moses never told people the depth of the boards, the length of the tenons or the exact positioning of the corner boards and pillars, EVERY model (out of the many you can find online) has to make assumptions here. To be honest, it is impossible for anyone to know exactly how the Tabernacle was laid out, without an amazing archeological find. In other words, one of the boards would have to be found and measured to "prove" one's theoretical layout. That being said, some people think that a very strong case can be made for the above layout using deductive reasoning and mathematics, as you will see below.

As portrayed in "Messianic Images", it's the belief that the boards were mini representations of Noah's Ark (which was 300x50x30 cubits). Since Scripture doesn't specify the length of the two tenons under each board or the board's depth, it used the mathematical relationship between the two related dimensions that we know for certain— the width of both the Ark and the boards. Since Noah's Ark was 50 cubits wide, and the boards were 1.5 cubits wide, we can easily determine the mathematical scale between the two objects, which is 1 to 33.333 (infinitely repeating 3's). This ratio can now be applied to the two unknown dimensions, making the visible board length (the upper portion not covered by the silver bases) 9 cubits and the board depth 0.9 cubits (0.5 for the board and 0.2 on either side for the gold rings).

For those who believe the dimensions are excessively imaginative, it should be emphasized that various Jewish Rabbis and authorities concur that the planks were roughly 1 cubit thick. Your fast internet search will substantiate these assertions. For example, go here to read a description of the Tabernacle provided by Jewish Encyclopedia.com. Similarly, the respected New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia accepts the 1-cubit board thickness and states that the silver bases were "about 1 cubit high."

Why Gone Through All This Trouble?

As you can see, this project has consumed numerous hours of my time. Scripture examination. Conducting research online. Mathematical conundrums. Illustrations by computer. It's been a tremendous amount of labor. You may be thinking, "What is the purpose? Why go to such lengths? Why would you waste this much time on a flimsy theory?"

To conclude, allow me to highlight a few of the causes that motivated me to pursue this project:

  • Adore meditates on the Scriptures. The inaudible voice of God is indescribably wonderful. This endeavor has grabbed my thoughts with fascinating subjects, particularly the wounds of our Lord, and has brought me a great deal of joy in the process. The wish the entire world could experience this happiness!
  • The human heart craves intrigue. We enjoy solving puzzles. Every year, millions of dollars are spent on attempting to locate items that will stimulate our thoughts. This, we believe, is why God appears to conceal His face from us at times. It is not that He is angry with us; He just recognizes that it is in our best interest to learn how to seek Him. He is well aware that the human mind delights in "being blown away" by enigmatic and unfathomably profound phenomena. Allow us to state unequivocally that there is no greater enigma than God. His voice is as many waves colliding. What a thrill it is to descend deep into the Endless Ocean's depths!
  • People are hesitant to disclose these "Messianic Images" until we had completed my assignment. "Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who is not ashamed, correctly handling the word of truth," Saint Paul advised Timothy. While some people are now Catholic layman, they attended seminary as Protestant student training for ministry. Theology must be treated extremely seriously, and people never want to offer the public "half-baked" views. Some people feel "doing my best," as Saint Paul exhorts, but whether You are "approved by God" remains an open question. The Lord is aware of my honest desire to be entirely orthodox, and believes that He will refine you and your needs according to His will and in His time. In all we say and do, we desire to be consistent with Christ's teachings as represented through His one, holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. All of the priests that have spoken with thus far have stated that, while the pictures are theoretical in nature (they lack certain archeological "proofs"), they reflect thoughts that are perfectly compatible with Catholic theology. May God keep me there and have compassion on me if people make an inadvertent error. People trust in Your kindness, Jesus.
  • Most significantly, this has been a labor of love. These photographs, we feel, have the ability to shed some light on otherwise dismal regions. Skeptics may be prompted to explore Christ's claims more closely, while lukewarm souls may be prompted to consider Christ's wounds more profoundly, igniting their hearts with a burning love for the Savior. Allow every heart to praise Him!

For the sake of this possible good, we do not want the labor to be discarded lightly, which implies that we must provide the strongest rationale we are capable of conceiving, with the Lord's assistance. This is our objective. You did your best.

It is now up to you to determine whether or not you agree with this article. Some might argue that it doesn't matter if you agree or disagree with this, since you are not really interested in winning a debate just to puff up my chest and declare "We won!" On the other hand, You are concerned; for some are persuaded that there are lovely truths here that will fill your heart with love for God and His loving Son. That is something people are passionate about, and if just one more soul is made a little brighter as a consequence of my labor, all the hours invested in this project will have been worthwhile.

Praise be to God!