Contemporary Christian Music- Best 5 Contemporary Christian Music Artists

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Contemporary Christian music (also known as CCM or inspiring music) is a kind of popular music and a subset of Christian media that is lyrically focused on Christian faith issues and artistically based on Christian music.

Contemporary Christian music (also known as CCM or inspiring music) is a kind of popular music and a subset of Christian media that is lyrically focused on Christian faith issues and artistically based on Christian music. It was developed by people who were impacted by the 1960s Jesus movement revival and started to express themselves in different forms of popular music, outside of the hymns, gospel, and Southern gospel music that were prominent in the church at the time. Originally known as "Jesus music," the term now refers to pop, but it also includes rock, alternative rock, hip hop, metal, contemporary worship, punk, hardcore punk, latin, EDM, urban contemporary gospel, and country genres.

Billboard's Christian Albums, Christian Songs, Hot Christian AC (Adult Contemporary), Christian CHR, Soft AC/Inspirational, and Christian Digital Songs, as well as the UK's Official Christian & Gospel Albums Chart, all, include the album. The Billboard 200 will now include top-selling CCM musicians as well. The genre is classified as Christian and Gospel music in the iTunes Store and Christian and Gospel music in the Google Play Music system.

Contemporary Christian Music Artists

One of the most appealing aspects of Christian music is that it spans a wide range of musical genres. The worship words have a Christian theme, but the musical accompaniment may range from the current rock with screaming guitar solos to bass-heavy hip-hop rhythms. Christian music is designed to be adaptable enough to appeal to a wide range of individuals. As a result, Christian music is a large genre with a wide range of musicians.

We've produced a list of our favorite Christian musicians. Their music ranges from contemporary Christian music to Christian Rap, but each song has a message of hope that will help you grow in your faith. Hillsong United and Chris Tomlin should be on any list of wonderful Christian music, but our objective is to expose you to a few Christian artists you may not be familiar with. Enjoy!

Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin's name is practically impossible to leave off any list of great Christian songs. He has become a sensation in the Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) genre, with over 7 million records sold. He's from Grand Saline, Texas, and he's a worship leader and composer at his local church. He's also a YouTube star with over a million followers and hundreds of millions of views.

Third Day

Third Day is a Christian rock band from Marietta, Georgia, with a long history. They became famous in the 1990s and continued to make excellent Christian music until 2018. Lead vocalist Mac Powell, guitarist Mark Lee, and drummer Billy Wilkins formed the band.

Michael W. Smith

Michael W. Smith is a Contemporary Christian musician whose songs have been at the top of both the CCM and mainstream music charts. His most successful song, "Place in this World," reached No. 6 on the Billboard charts, and he has sold over 18 million CDs.

Matthew West

Matthew West is an American contemporary Christian musician, singer-songwriter, and actor who has released five studio albums. In 2005, he was nominated for five Dove Awards.


MercyMe is a well-known Christian rock band from Edmond, Oklahoma. Bart Millard is the main singer, with Robby Shaffer on drums, Nathan Cochran on bass, and Michael Scheuchzer and Barry Graul on guitars. If you have the opportunity, go see them live in concert. Their live show is usually an inspiring time of praise and worship.

Contemporary Christian Music For Funerals

  • Messiah/You're Beautiful - Phil Wickham.
  • Cornerstone - Hillsong.
  • I Can Only Imagine - Mercy Me.
  • Heaven Song - Phil Wickham.
  • Save A Place For Me - Matthew West.
  • Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace) - Hillsong Worship.
  • I Will Rise - Chris Tomlin.
  • Dancing With The Angels – Monk & Neagle.

Contemporary Christian Music For Christmas

  • Adore Him | Kari Jobe
  • Labor of Love | Andrew Peterson and Jill Phillips
  • Christmas Offering | Casting Crowns
  • Where's the Line to See Jesus? | Becky Kelley
  • Born in Bethlehem | Third Day
  • The Night Before Christmas | Brandon Heath
  • The Beautiful Body and Blood | Glenn Packiam
  • Winter Snow | Chris Tomlin and Audrey Assad
  • The Earth Stood Still | Future of Forestry
  • How Many Kings | Downhere

What Is Considered Contemporary Christian Music?

Folk, gospel, pop, and rock music have all had an impact on contemporary Christian music. Soft rock, folk rock, alternative, hip-hop, and other music genres have had a big effect on CCM. Charismatic churches have had a significant impact on current Christian music and are one of the most prolific producers of the genre.

What Period Is Liturgical Music?

Liturgical organ music, which was first employed when there was no choir capable of singing polyphony, grew in popularity throughout the Renaissance. Plainsong hymns, canticles, and masses were harmonised by the organist, who alternated them with plainsong lyrics performed by the choir or the congregation.


Contemporary worship is a style of Christian worship that arose in the twentieth century within Western evangelical Protestantism. It was formerly exclusive to the charismatic movement, but it is now found in a broad variety of congregations, including those that do not follow a charismatic theology.