Here you will find the lyrics and related reflections on Scriptures and events that inspired each song. Also, if you're a guitarist interested in learning some of the songs on my CD, feel free to print these guitar chord charts and sheet music. And for choir directors, I've included a few of my choral works and free sheet music at the bottom of the page.


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Songs from "Through The Dark"

I'll Race You to the Tomb (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords & Bass Parts)

Seeing Jesus Soon (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords ) (Chord Diagrams) (Bass Parts ) (Cello Part) (GtrMP3)

Safe (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords & Bass Parts)

Give Me a Chance (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords only) (GtrMP3)

My Regret (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords ) (Bass Parts )

The Anvil (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords) (Bass Parts)

Thy Kingdom Come (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords & Bass Parts)

One(Lyrics) (Guitar Chords & Bass Parts)

The One Who Stands Beside Me (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords & Bass Parts)

Private Temple (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords)

He Died for Me (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords)

Songs from "The Least Of These"

You Are (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords)

The Least of These (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords)

The Question (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords)

Far From Your Heart (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords)

Scribes and Pharisees (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords)

Repent! (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords)

Welcome (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords)

Songs from "The Simple Life"

The Simple Life (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords)

In The Shadow Of The Spruce (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords)

My Kind Of Girl (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords)

Daddy's Arms (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords)

Let It Go (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords)

That's When I Know (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords)

Jesus, I Trust In You (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords)

Songs from "My Heart At Worship"

In The Name (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords)

Glory To God In The Highest (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords)

Psalm 136 (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords)

Speak, Lord, Your Word (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords)

Holy, Holy, Holy (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords)

Lamb Of God (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords)

I Come (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords)

Songs from "He Is Born"

He Is Born (Lyrics)

Song Of Mary (Lyrics)

Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming (Lyrics)

Another Cold December Night (Lyrics)

Silent Night (Lyrics)

God With Us (Lyrics)

Go Tell It--Instrumental

Songs from "Bread of Life"

Bread of Life (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords)

I Believe (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords)

Hiding Place (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords)

In Your Presence, Lord (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords)

Create In Me (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords)

Restore Us (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords)

Unto The Lamb (Lyrics) (Guitar Chords)

Misc. Songs

Down The Road Of Bittersweet (Lyrics)

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A Vision of Your Splendor (SATB)

From David's Pen (SATB)

CHORAL WORKS: Free Christian Sheet Music / Free Choir Music

The Sower (SATB)

The Beatitudes (SSATBB)

Where Only God Applauds (SATB) Download MP3 or watch YouTube video

What is This Gift? (SATB, organ, trumpet)

Litany of Praise (Unison mixed chorus, piano)

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In writing Christian music,
lyrics have to be
the heartbeat of the song.
After all, it is the lyrics
that primarily distinguish Christian music
from secular music.
It's not the only mark
of distinction,
but it is
the most important.